Our History

Indian Mask is a Leading Manufacturer , Exporter and Whole Sale Trader of Full Range of Non Woven Fabrics in Tirupur in Tamilnadu in India.

In 1000s of Masks Manufacturers in India, 10-20 Companies only making ANTIMICROBIAL COTTON FACE MASKS. ( We are Using Originally Antimicrobial Treated Fabrics )

Our Goal

We see it as our goal to become the most valuable partner for our customers by providing, not just products, but complete and innovative solutions that are tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements. Ensuring that we constantly adapt to the ever-changing market environment, allows us to promptly adjust our practices to successfully meet global trends which will shape the future of the business, economy and society.

Proven Performance

We also understand that innovation, flexibility, and a proactive approach are essential to creating the value-added, high-performance materials that our customers need. We never compromise on quality right from the raw materials we purchase to the finished goods we supply. We also continually strive for on-time delivery and excellent customer service, so you can rest assured when you buy any of our products.



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Fabrics made from long staple fibres are normally higher quality because they are spun into a finer yarn. This makes the resulting fabric stronger and more durable. Softness: The length of the fibres is also important for the softness of the material important for the softness of the material.


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During using of textile materials, such as intimate apparel, which is in close contact with skin, the water transport capability is very important to avoid any uncomfortable feeling to the users. The water transport capability of fabric-foam-fabric plied materials were evaluated in this study. The plied material is intended to be used in.

High Quality and Added Value

We’re passionate about the products we manufacture, which is why our products and service achieve the highest quality standards possible across multiple industries, globally. We effectively and efficiently serve a wide variety of markets with products that enhance a variety of end applications to suit our global customer base. Our technical team continually work on new applications and we develop our products in partnership with our customers, to ensure their specific product, application or project requirements are always met. If your specific technical requirement is not met by our existing range, we will aim to design a fabric for your needs. The customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Company Has the Following Certificates

Having Following Lab Reports

SITRA ( South India Textile Research Associaton )

  • Bacteria Filteration Effeciency 99.9% for Melt Blown Fabrics. ( ASTM F 2101 )
  • Bacteria Filteration Effeciency 99.9% for Non Woven Spun Bonded 3 Ply Melt Blown Masks. ( ASTM F 2101 )
  • Breathability – Differential Pressure ( Delta P ) IS 16289
  • Splash Resistance ASTM 1862
  • Particulate Filteration Effeciency at 0.3 Microns ASTM F 2299
  • Flamability 16 CFR

We Can Supply the Following Products

  • Non Woven Spun Bonded Fabrics (Laminated & Non Laminated Both)
  • SSMMS Fabrics
  • Hot Air Cottons
  • Spun Bonded 3 Ply Masks
  • SSMMS 3 Ply Masks
  • 5 Ply N95 Masks
    • Specifications of Our 5 Ply N95 Masks :

    • 1 St Layer - 50 GSM Spun Bond Fabric
    • 2 nd Layer - 25 GSM Electrostatic Melt Blown Filter Fabric
    • 3 rd Layer - Hot Air Cotton Filter
    • 4 th Layer - 25 GSM Electrostatic Melt Blown Filter Fabric
    • 5 th Layer - 30 GSM Spun Bond Fabric
  • All Kinds of Knitted Fabrics ( Solid Dyed, Printed & Yarn Dyed )
  • All Kinds of Kids, Boys, Girls, Men , Women Garments ( All Kinds of Inner Wears, Top Wears , Bottom Wears )
  • All Kinds of Home Textiles ( Bed Spreads, Pillow Covers, Window & Door Screens, Floor Mats, Table Linens , Kithen Linens, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Aprons and Many More )
  • SMS Fabrics
  • MELTBLOWN Fabrics
  • Spun Laced Fabrics
  • SMS 3 Ply Masks
  • Melt Blown 3 Ply Masks
  • All Kinds of Woven Fabrics ( Solid Dyed, Printed & Yarn Dyed )
  • PPE Kits
    • Specifications of Our PPE Kits :

    • Cover all Garment – Surgical Gown with Hood
    • Eye Google
    • Hand Gloves
    • Shoe Covers
    • 3 Ply Face Mask
  • All Kinds of Woolen Fabrics
  • Denim Fabrics & Denim Garments
  • All Kinds of Woven and Non Woven Bags
  • All Kinds of Embroidered & Digital Printed Fabrics.

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